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WCS recruit a Communication Manager

国际野生生物保护学会(Wildlife Conservation Society,简称WCS)是致力于野生生物保护的非营利组织,以先锋型和研究型工作着名。WCS成立于1895年,总部位于美国纽约。1996年,WCS开始在中国开展工作,包括打击濒危物种非法贸易、减少象牙消费需求,西藏羌塘草原生物多样性保护和可持续管理示范项目,东北地区跨国界东北虎保护工作,以及长江中下游地区扬子鳄重引入工作。目前,WCS已经在北京、广州、拉萨、珲春四地设立办公室。


Communication Manager

Directly report to: Country Program Director, China

Location:?Beijing, with frequent travel

Date: From?June 1, 2016.

Position Description:

The Communication Manager is a senior leadership position in the Communications team for WCS China. This Position requires constant innovation and strong ability to generate public attention through multiple Public Relationship (PR) and marketing approaches and skills. The Communications team is a group of professional staff in communications planning, messaging, media relations, PR writing, social media, crisis communications, and policy and corporate practices communications. The Communication and Relationship Supervisor will serve as advisor and day-to-day communications supervisor for WCS China top priorities as identified by WCS China and WCS Global Conservation Program.


With the help of China Country Program Director, the Communication Manager

is responsible for developing and ensuring effective execution of communications strategies for priority programs of WCS China. The Supervisor will lead communications projects that support the WCS’s top global priorities and WCS China national priorities, including working with WCS regional expert groups and WCS China conservation program managers to develop key messages; identify and support content development needs; lead WCS China’s Communications team in raising brand awareness, expert visibility, and public and private support for our mission.

Daily Responsibilities:

1)??? Lead the development and implementation of communication program priorities, effective communication strategy, programs, approaches and workplans to support WCS China and/or regional conservation priorities, to meet WCS China and/or WCS regional short-term conservation objectives and long-term goals;.

2)??? Lead and manage the communications team to individually and collectively implement approved strategies, approaches and workplan; Lead the development of key performance indicators and effective outputs to support long-term conservation outcomes under approved strategies.

3)??? Develop and manage communications team’s budget and approved funds, and secure the effectiveness of use of the funds raised for communications team, and comply with WCS and/or donors’ financial requirements and/or approved budgets.

4)??? Lead communications team to manage and expand WCS partnerships among NGOs/CSOs, media, corporate sectors, government within China, which will help achieve WCS China and WCS regional objectives and goals for wildlife conservation.

5)??? Work with staff assigned by China Country Program Director to prepare monitoring protocol to assess and report output/outcome/achievement of the Communications team to fit WCS standard and request; Track progress of the program in meeting performance benchmarks; Reporting on communications plan results on a regular basis (at least bi-monthly level) as requested.

6)??? Oversee or manage the production of reports and other required documents (e.g., workplans, implementation plans, activity reports, and financial reports) from Communications team for WCS and donors on schedule with explicitly stated links between activities and (a) desired outputs, outcomes and results, (b) project funds allocated from appropriate budget lines and (c) realistic timeframes.

7)??? Recruit, hire, manage communications team staff, including freelancers, part-time staff, internship, volunteers, vendors; promote teamwork and cooperation between colleagues;

8)??? Maintain close communication relationship with WCS colleagues, including advisor and managers involved in Wildlife Trade Program of WCS China, of WCS Asia, and of WCS Africa.

9)??? Oversee or be responsible for reviewing and evaluating project documents as requested by China Country Program Director; Oversee or provide technical advice on the creation and publication of documents, reports, books, peer-reviewed technical papers, brochures, newsletters, web pages and other materials in Chinese and/English for China Country Program Director.

10)? Work with China Country Program Director or staff assigned by China Country Program Director to maintain significant involvement in the raising of financial support for communications projects, develop proposals and participate in fund-raising activities, help identify new funding sources, maintain contact and ensure timely reporting with funding sources.

11)? Provide advice to China Country Program Director on issue management and crisis communications.

12)? Work with China Country Program Director to direct international attention to conservation of important sites and species in China, and influence policies that promote their long-term persistence. Promote wildlife conservation in China with national and state governments, donors and other non-governmental organizations. Promote attention and action of stakeholders in China for the wildlife conservation in other countries.

13)? Contribute to, enlarge and uphold the Society’s policies towards Equal Employment Opportunities for women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, and other protected groups.



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